Power station construction Welding work Installation of protective equipment Construction of combustion power stations and refineries

Wide experience in power station construction

More than in other industries, the power industry is under examination in terms of safety - above all, nuclear power stations are under severe public scrutiny. Defects in the construction of steel scaffolding and in the execution of welding work can have fatal consequences: for the population and for the operator. But also for combustion power stations and refineries, there are particular safety-relevant requirements.

The provision of energy brooks no delays!

No company can allow itself downtimes - and least of all the energy industry. So when plants have to be run down for maintenance purposes, things have to happen quickly, yet with no negative effect on quality and safety. The specialists from Schönberger Stahlbau & Metalltechnik are used to the time factor playing a dominating role.

In power station construction – and for very different types of power stations – our company has extensive experience and the best references. Whether in the heart of a reactor or the external construction, in property protection for sensitive installations or the fitting of protective equipment: With our top know-how and our specialists, we are able to carry out the most demanding tasks.

We of course have the approval for activities in third party plants or equipment as per § 15 of the German Radiation Protection regulation.