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Approved partner for outsourcing

From financial considerations, many large companies have closed down their internal metalwork manufacturing departments. The benefit is seen on the bottom line: Only the actual steel construction and metalworking activities are now paid for, while investments in the vehicle pool, stock-keeping, and tooling no longer exist.

Outsourcing is the term for this, and this is the modern route taken by increasing numbers of industrial companies. But beware: This can work only when there are no reductions in quality, and a specialist service company such as Schönberger Stahlbau & Metalltechnik is engaged to carry out the work.

Individual solutions in steelwork and metal technology

As an approved outsourcing partner, we build functional steel constructions (e.g. enclosures, walkways, supports, stages) for new production buildings, or we upgrade or modify existing facilities. Here, individual solutions are one of our greatest strengths. We also rapidly and reliably carry out the construction of protective equipment or crane installations, as well as the most varied surface treatments.

As an experienced service provider, we know exactly where you are feeling the pressure. So that your production operations are minimally effected, the Schönberger team will - if required - also work at night, weekends, and on public holidays, or during your company holidays.