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Secure and stable, with no lost time

The main function of traffic infrastructure is to shorten routes and reduce travel/transport times. Speed is an important characteristic of the modern world. However, construction sites slow down traffic and are all too often a troublesome obstacle which steals time. So rapid and yet approved work is all the more necessary – challenges which agree with our company philosophy.

We do everything we can to keep the traffic rolling

Schönberger Stahlbau & Metalltechnik knows what it comes down to: we lose no time in repairing accident damage to bridge railings and sound barrier walls, or in maintaining the transition constructions for bridges. We ourselves work at weekends and public holidays so that the traffic can roll again unhindered in the shortest possible time. Within the shortest possible time, we carry out improvement work on drainage pipework of bridge structures, and also on anti-fall protection, and splash and anti-climb equipment.

In addition, we erect auxiliary supports for bridges which require upgrading: The lifetime of bridges which are otherwise endangered may be increased by several years through the construction of additional support yokes. When public finances are short, a particularly attractive alternative.

Certification of suitability and welding required by public authorities is of course provided.