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Constructional steelwork and metal technology in top quality

Functionality and technology in steel and metal: Today, Schönberger Stahlbau & Metalltechnik projects itself as a progressive company. But our roots also go back to a long and successful family tradition characterised by working with steel and metals, and where the "old" values such as loyalty and dependability are still very important.

Our company has the same characteristics as the way that we work with metal, and the steel constructions which we build: It is solid, stable, and dependable. We ourselves place the crossbar very high. Our aspiration is top quality, and we implement it in our fields of activity every day. We succeed in this only because we have the best of personnel, plus specialist and technical resources. Especially in our line of business, anything else would be gross negligence. That is why the guiding principle of our company philosophy is:

"We weld only quality together - and quality is what welds us together."

This iron principle runs like a golden thread through our company history, which goes back to the year 1635. At that time, the first "entrepreneur" in the Schönberger line operated a smithy. Since then, the company has always remained in family ownership, and has remained young - also a form of the much quoted sustainability.

The most recent phase of the company history began in 1962, when Anton Schönberger took over his father's business. Since 1990 the management of the company has been in the hands of his two daughters, Andrea Schönberger (technology) and Sabine Schönberger (business). The best known project in which the company was involved is the Olympiapark in Munich – one of the biggest attractions of the Bavarian capital.